What's Up Doc?

In case it wasn't enough having the Scorsese Dylan doc. on the Arena strand, they're repeating some classics on BBC4 all next week. Check here.

TV is brilliant.

Willie Monk


There are precious moments in this often miserable world where everything seems actually ok.

At the moment I'm sat watching a Patrick McGoohan directed episode of Columbo, which is a blinder. And if I so desired, and believe me if I didn't have the hinderance of a loving family to spend the day with I would, I could watch Mr Falk all day on the Hallmark Channels 'Columbo Weekend'.

God bless you Sky TV.

*In addition, I've just seen an advert for 'Monk' (that's the detective with OCD) where he's playing an Oboe over his mothers grave with Willie Nelson.

What a wonderful world.

Pink Floyd

Spring cleaning at the Harbour today and thought some photos might spruce the place up a bit.

So here's Keith, having a slurp...


Lovely job or 'crikey moses!'...

Hello Wimbledon!

It's all kicked off at Iron Maiden's final Ozzfest show in the States - here for the best round-up of the events.

And while I'm here, did you know that top of the list if you Google 'November 2005' is the Erotica event at Olympia?


Falling For You

I was sent this link today.

"Drag her if she gets stuck! It makes me feel weird."

It also makes me feel weird. But it is strangely compelling.

Would it be less weirdness-inducing if it was a man, do this make me a closet misogynist and who actually makes this stuff?


Auntie Zimmerman

I chose this September to leave the country for the first time in over a year. And I'm looking forward to it.

But after 14 months of essentially being sat on my arse why did the BBC and the NFT decide to do a Bob Dylan Season while I'm away? They are indeed a bunch of bastards.

And I woudn't mind, but I leave the States one day before the DVD of 'No Direction Home' is released over there.

Why I oughta...

BBC Season NFT Season Trailer

Moog Over, Kurt's Turning

The guy who invented the Moog Synth, Dr Robert (er,) Moog has died. His site 'Moog Music' is here and the BBC obituary here.

And while I'm here, this even as a silly season story, has got to be a wierd celeb-dream surely? Partridge in Cobain's old Hole?

I'm off for an egg bap.

Everyone's Getting Married

Congratulations to Mr Earle who got hitched for the seventh time last Thursday. (He's married one ex-wife twice. Brilliant).

For those who saw him at Glastonbury ('Glasto') it will be little suprise that it's to his support act Alison Moorer. I guess that may explain the Chevy ads, seeing as weddings are a costly affair these days.

Good luck to you both. Seventh time lucky, as they say...

"I would feel real trapped in this life if I didn't know I could commit suicide at any time"

ashes to ashes



Good Lord

I like cars.

I like Steve Earle.

But not entirely sure what I feel about this (it takes a while to stream, but it's perversely worth it)

God Bless America



The wide-ranging effect of technology on our lives is widely discussed. Porn and shopping tend to dominate, but there are things that astound me everyday that don't include Amazon or DP.

Today it's the New York Times' fight to get the city records of 9/11 published. A good dose of old-school broadsheet journalism mixed with the internet gets us to this.

It's absolutely riveting. Only a few years ago it would have meant a trip to a NYC library or a big fat hardback, but here I am reading it on my telephone.

This isn'’t a new or indeed original thought, but still makes me think we live in a far more interesting world than it can frequently feel like.

So there.

Take A Beaker Of Boiling Water...


In a technological breakthrough for everyone at The Harbour I have bought a new even swankier phone, from where I’'m sending this post.

This exciting development will mean that I can email posts in from all across the globe*

This is a great day indeed.

*1. However I'’m sending this one while sitting next to my desktop.
2. Posts will get a lot shorter.
3. I will get mugged.

Thompson Twins

Being unable to find a good Ronnie James Dio interview, here's another Richard Thompson one. Pretty good overall biog, but also some stuff on his Sufism and being a white-Muslim, if anyone's interested.

And the lyrics to 'The End Of The Rainbow' are here.

Hopefully one on Ronnie and his faith in Dungeons & Dragons soon...