...And Now For Something A Bit Different

It's the Orange/BBC/Guardian readers wank-fest that is Glasto (an abbreviation in itself that makes we wince) in only a matter of days.

And I can't wait.

I've only been once before so have slightly more factual back up than normal for my opinion but it's a truely lovely experience. It also looks like it'll constitute my 'holiday' this year. Which is fine with me.

If only Saturday could be the Ozzfest Day, all would be well.

"I Can't Fuckin' Hear You!"


Pictures by Councillor RJD (a rare self-portrait, below) sometime during our whistle stop tour of the Download festival. I don't remember them being taken but I do remember a fat man landing on our heads during Black Sabbath.

I learnt (or in some cases re-learnt) the following:

Rock music is the best mutherfuckin' music in the world.
Ozzy loves me and everyone at Donington.
Girls love to rock more than they did when I was a lad.
Slash doesn't seem to age.
Clios aren't too bad to sleep in.
It's good to do good stuff with good friends.
'Moshing' is still brilliant.

With many thanks to KW. Lets Rock! x

To Be Frank

Ahmet and Dweezil are touring their Dads music later this year, which is quite exciting.

Got to be very careful and avoid becoming 'a wierdo' when mentioning Mr Zappa, but it should be brilliant. The details are here, and the highly recommended zappa.com is here.

And without turning into an advert, emusic have a '100 tracks for free' intro offer, and currently carry loads and loads of FZ albums (here).

It seems crazy not to...

Whoa, Whoa, How Much?

Public funding of the London Olympics would be £2.375 billion.

Ba Da Bang Bang

I visited a strip club for the first time last night.

It wasn't half as odd as I guessed it would be.

It did set off a crazy internal discourse that I'd only had third person before, normally while watching The Sopranos or The Sweeney...

On arriving home and sleeping however, I dreamt that I was attacked by dogs and then shot in the neck.