Forever Young

Neil Young is streaming his new album for free this weekend.

It's a Bank Holiday treat: angry, immediate and raw, and puts most bands half is age in the shadows...

Listen Here

Keep On Rockin' In The Free World


Well, just a quick link to Neil Young's blog and all the info on his new album which streams for free on Friday.


(Thanks To AS)

Viva Zappa

In celebration of 'free' 8mb broadband, the 'Tour De Frank' and the Nepalese revolution (not necessarily in that order), here's a rare treat.

In I'm sure the first of many worthy but easy posts, please give it up for Frank Zappa and 'The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing':

Dicks On The High Street

So, our favourite high street electronics retailer is changing it's name.

Like me I'm sure that over the years you've come to know Dixons as a name that encompasses good value, wide choice, informed sales advice and a commitment to understanding modern technology.

But others don't feel the same, namely the owners. So a name change is in the offing.

And what did 'the guys' in marketing come up with? (and I can't bring myself to think how much they charged). Well, a name that cross references their other electronics retailer, but sounds modern...


Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

Now I know that Dixons is going to be more like Currys it can only be a matter of time before I hand over hundreds of pounds more for slightly outdated items (that aren't in stock) to a 14 year old sales assistant.

It's a brave new world for the local retail outlet.

Sprouting Some Rubbish

The lack of any Rockford Files this Saturday leaves me plodding around the internet. And I ended up passing through a discussion on Rolling Stone magazine's poll of 'most influential thing ever' at the BBC.

Said poll was won by Dylan's 'Like A Rolling Stone' and the usual comments ensued, debating other possible 'songs that most changed the world'.

One particularly grabbed my attention. So hat's off to Mr Steve Todd of Brussels:

Millennium by Robbie Williams simply because it was 2000 and its title epitomised something new and dramatic was happening. I don't even know the lyrics just the title, simple and appropriate.

And how simple and appropriate it'd be if you had your hands chopped off.

Or at the very least your computer confiscated.

You fucking knobhead.