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The (all be it unofficial) Mac Daily News is getting some real perspective on the days events in London...

4 Days And Counting...

Friday iDay. Marvelous.

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The Richard Thompson Band live from Friday night.

Free stream from NPR.

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& Disabled.

An Absolute Shower...

From here comes this exciting news:

This year's Perseid meteor shower will be the most spectacular for years - and it coincides with Fairport's Cropredy Convention (writes Stevie Horton).

Over the weekend of August 11 and 12, hundreds of shooting stars will streak across the night sky. When the meteor shower hits the earth's atmosphere, a shooting star will light up the sky every few seconds.

The natural firework display results from dust and ice particles of the Swift-Tuttle comet. The grains of debris hit the atmosphere at 30 miles a second and become incandescent as they burn up.

A spokesman for the Royal Observatory confirmed that if the sky is clear, the meteors will be visible across the UK. "Go outside with a chair and a blanket and allow your eyes time to adapt fully to the dark," the spokesman says. "It's not essential to go somewhere remote."

The view will be best between midnight and dawn and it will get better as the night wears on because as the earth turns it will face towards
the oncoming shower. The show will be visible every night from about August 9 to August 15,
assuming the sky is clear, peaking during the last night of the festival.

The meteors will appear to radiate from the constellation of Perseus which is well above the horizon, towards the northeast: at Cropredy, that's looking from the stage towards the top righthand corner of the Arena Field. This year will look even more impressive because there will be a new moon. Viewing conditions won't be this good again until 2015, astronomers say.

You don't need any equipment to see the display but you should be as far as possible from lights. At Cropredy, this means you probably won't see anything from the Arena Field because of the stage lights and the illuminated stalls. But after midnight there should be really great views from the dark campsite fields if the sky is clear.

Good Riddance

It's a shame he made it this far but this infamous prick has at last croaked at 84...

In case you don't know him from a great many songs or good old fashioned sixties-fetishizing check the NYT obit here.

Lovely fella.

A Triumph of Viral Marketing?