Errol Morris and Miller Light


These ads are great.

They make me want a bottle of beer, some good food and some manual work to do.

I think he's done some other good stuff too...

I'm Tired

Anita Thompson over at the Owl Farm Blog posted this quote today and thought I'd repeat it here.

"I’ve never paid much attention to the Black/Jew/WASP problem; it strikes me as a waste of time and energy.

My prejudice is pretty general, far too broad and sweeping for any racial limitations. It’s clear to me – and has been since the age of 10 or so – that most people are bastards, thieves and yes – even pigfuckers”

Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in America

Live From London


An exciting announcement from EMI and Apple or a load of rubbish? In real-ish time, here we go...

Or just listen to the live feed here, I guess.

Eric Nicoli, CEO EMI Group:

He's made a joke

It's not an April Fool joke

There's going to be some music

Damon Albarn and crew - oh, and they're not webcasting that. Brilliant.

Oh, yes they are. Very nice.

The man from EMI said Damon thinks this announcement is '....... brilliant'.

The bloody AA man has just arrived - so er, this is getting cut short (not the announcement, just this 'commentary'.

Er, they're going to get rid of DRM I reckon.

That's it.

Thanks for calling by...

Let It Be?


Get ready for Beatle-mania:

An EMI 'event' in London tomorrow with Steve Jobs as special guest.

No DRM on EMI downloads and chart madness to ensue very shortly...