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Two Quick Things

Ok, firstly - within 10 years alcohol's going to be treated like cigarettes 5 years ago and within 20 you'll see it being banned by local authorities, creating 'dry' counties.

It'd be ridiculous but it'll happen, I tell thee.

Secondly and in no way related - you wanna see how FaceBook will look when you're sitting having an Xmas Pudding Latte in Starbucks on your iPhone later in the year?

You wanna?
You wanna?

Go on then: make sure you're signed in, click here and resize your browser to iPhone size.


I am so excited, and I quite literally can't hide it...



A Brummy Xmas Anyone?

More info here.


Apple's .Mac service is out-dated.

Google Apps (mail, calendar, docs, bookmarks etc.) work a treat.

Apple has a product launch at 6pm GMT tomorrow.

Google's personalised homepage is called iGoogle.

Apple boss says .Mac service is going to get an upgrade soon.

Andy says: If Google and Apple get together to offer web applications that backup and share all your stuff across any computer (and the, ahem, iPhone) on Google's servers but with an annual charge to put an Apple sheen on the front-end...

I'm writing the cheque now...

Oh Well, Adolf Liked VW Beatles

Full picture here.

'There Was a Manic Feeling in the Air'

Good article on 'Liege & Lief' here..

Zane Lowe, Sweet Radio

If you misssed it, I'd highly encourage you to head over and listen again to the last 15 minutes of Today this morning.

You'll find a very animated and intelligent Zane Lowe discussing, albeit briefly, the new Mark Ronson remix of Mr Dylan's 'Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)'.

A snippet of the track (and it's really good) can be found here.

Well done everybody.

And since I can't find a full version of it, here's Bob doing the Cohen brothers' classic 'Man Of Constant Sorrow' to tide us over: