Size Doesn't Matter


A stream of the new Black Sabbath with Ronnie James Dio track, 'The Devil Cried' is here.

Oh go on, you'll enjoy it.


to you...

We Report, You Decide

Well, here we go.


RIP Benjy's

With the sad breaking news of Benjy's going bust (if you thought the poor sods on £2.30 an hour looked miserable normally, check out Bond Street Tube branch this morning, it's like East Berlin in 1987) here's a picture of their van.

Goodnight and good luck.

Brooker Hates Macs

Charlie Brooker has a lovely rant against Macs here.

Past Tense

Just sat watching Blair making some speech to a Labour Party 'policy forum'.

This may not be the best way to spend a sunny Saturday morning (although having spent Friday night watching The Two Ronnies it may be a step forward) but it's noticable that Tony Blair has begun to speak about himself and Prescott in the past tense.

It's the same tactic as his 'apology' over Iraq. Don't actually say anything, just keep on saying that you have.

And it's palpable that every time he makes a speech, his next sentence might be his standing down announcement. Especially since in Prescott's preamble he basically said there'll be a leadership election in 'the next few months'.


Oh, and he's just used the old "Take the Lib Dems for instance.., no really, you can take the Lib Dems" joke.

Well done Tony.

So it's going to be an interesting year for UK politics, especially if there's a snap General Election in the Autumn, followed by a blinder in the States in 2008.


I feel old.

This is brilliant and is both 'years ago' and 'only yesterday'...


Oh, the frequency of posts here is pitiful at the moment.

So once again, and in lieu of any real blog action, here's a link to a free Richard Thompson MP3 from his new album 'Sweet Warrior', out in May:

'Dad's Gonna Kill Me'

Not only great to hear the Mr Thompson Band, but as 'Dad is to Baghdad what 'Nam was to Vietnam a little bit of politics too, ladies and gentlemen...