Boys In Blue

Just seen the first two teasers for 'Hot Fuzz', which I duly post below:


and Two

Head on over to for more stuff.

NYE's Not The Same Without Him

I just took a trip over to Clive James' website and I'd recommend it.
Here's the link: the link.

And while I'm here, some other stuff being discussed at the Harbour:

Joanna Newsom's album 'Ys'.
Listen to some samples here.

Does Berlusconi like Sushi?

Will I implode if Bob Dylan and Margaret Thatcher die on the same day?

How long can I get away with playing 'Songs From The Wood' by Jethro Tull before being throttled by the person sharing my sofa right now...

Back In The USSR

A collection of nearly 1500 old Soviet posters over here.

Really interesting, although difficult to remove the ghost of Uncle Joe from the equation...

Richard Dawkins

Reading excerpts from 'The God Delusion' in Lynchburg, Virginia:

And even better, the Q & A afterwards:

Leave it playing in the background while you browse. Oh, go on.

Foyer Better or Worse

As currently sitting in an Exeter foyer and feeling strange...

I could be wrong but there may be a resumption of business with a flurry of activity here at the Harbour.