Eggs Benedict

I dreamt about Alice Cooper again last night. Three times in a fortnight. This time he turned into some sort of fly while performing, flew into the audience and disappeared. The friends I was with thought it was great, but weren't convinced by the music.

It's all going terribly wrong.

It's nice to see that the new Pope is an A-Team fan, and that he thinks rock music is:
"the expression of elemental passions which, in the big musical festivals, have taken on a cultural character, that is to say, [the character] of a counter-cult, opposed to Christian worship."

Yeah, we know Jo, that's why it's better than spending our lives believing in some fucking fantasy that stops us sorting out our own world as we wait around for the next. And what about all the morality in rock music? Let's take an Aerosmith lyric for instance:

"The buzz you get from crack doesn't last,
I'd rather OD on the crack of your ass

Anti-drugs and no need for contraception. Brilliant.

Now, whats Papa's position on sodomy?