Times, They Are A Changing

A couple of things really:

1> Although loathe to admit it, I rather enjoyed reading a discarded Sunday Times the other week. If that wasn't scary enough I've just found a lovely little article here on Richard Thompson.

Er, he coaches Arnold Schwarzenegger's son? Some weird transatlantic folk-rock dream surely.

2> If I buy two tickets to 'An Evening With Ronnie James Dio' at the Astoria in October will I persuade anyone else to go? I don't want to miss it - he's performing 1983's Holy Diver album in its entirety then following an interval he's back on with a greatest hits set. No support, just classic old-school rock. And the tickets are only £18. Worth it alone for watching old metallers getting rushed out to make way for G.A.Y.

Now, I passed Richard Thompson in the street a year or so ago, but I met Mr Dio in 1992 backstage in Manchester and he was the nicest and by about 2 feet, the shortest famous person I've met. So bless.

Please help me.