Neil To The King

"I make this stand with great reluctance, partly because Tony is my dear friend. Partly because I've got great admiration for him as the leader of my party and my country. But the day was reached - which I hoped would never come - when there was an issue of such profound and lasting significance that would affect not just our generation but others, on which it was important to make my opposition known".

Iraq? Iran? Terrorism Bill? Tuition Fees?
Trade Union Law? NHS Reform?
Clause 4? Nuclear Power?

Another cock of the highest order who turns on the 'left-wing firebrand' act when the guilt pangs are stopping him sleeping. Happy to sit through 9 years of neo-liberal bullshit but can't live with the trauma that academic selection causes school kids.

Not a fucking word about the same kids who are swept up into the Army and merrily sent to die in Iraq by his 'dear friend'.

I think I'm going to nurture a tumor and go off and die in a small cave somewhere.

Anything to avoid spending day after day mulling over that either these spineless pricks or the other spineless pricks will always be in government.

They were there all my grandfathers life, all my Dads so far and there's no real sign that I'm ever going see any significant change.

Brilliant. Happy New Year.