Smith & West End

It's been nearly a month since I last posted - I'd love to say I've been so busy that a mere blog lost it's importance.

But that clearly would be crap.
I'm just a lazy, lazy man.

And so, in lieu of anything anywhere near interesting, I give you this morsel of truth:

Sam Smiths pubs are great little 'proper pub' havens from central London bar and themed madness.

They're cheap, most of their beer is organic and all are vegan.

Their food is for the most part well priced pub-fare which always does the job and you can more often than not manage to get a seat.

However the wind inducing qualities of the Old Brewery Bitter is a serious flaw and one from which I've spent the entire day suffering from.

There's a friend from the USA of America who can attest to this, who having merrily consumed the myriad spicy delights of Olde London town, spent two days shitting through the eye of a needle after two pints in The Fitzroy Tavern.

Consequently I propose that all nights in said pubs will thus be known as 'Sammy Smiths Detox Evenings' (SSDEs).

All those in favour?