Dicks On The High Street

So, our favourite high street electronics retailer is changing it's name.

Like me I'm sure that over the years you've come to know Dixons as a name that encompasses good value, wide choice, informed sales advice and a commitment to understanding modern technology.

But others don't feel the same, namely the owners. So a name change is in the offing.

And what did 'the guys' in marketing come up with? (and I can't bring myself to think how much they charged). Well, a name that cross references their other electronics retailer, but sounds modern...


Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

Now I know that Dixons is going to be more like Currys it can only be a matter of time before I hand over hundreds of pounds more for slightly outdated items (that aren't in stock) to a 14 year old sales assistant.

It's a brave new world for the local retail outlet.