Anyone For Desert?


BBC NEWS | UK | At least 1,000 UK soldiers desert

Sidee Bidee Bowww....


A Daily Drink 'Only Good For Men'


Cheapie EP

In lieu of any interesting comment (has their ever been?) I duly post this link to a free EP download by those nice boys Wilco.

'Tis here.

Enjoy good music...

For Whom The Bell Tolls

The local election results.

So much to say, so much time to say it.

And so can't be arsed.

Instead why not have a little look at this. Rather interesting in an 'honestly I'm not a conspiracy theorist' way.

Have a lovely day.

May Day Greetings!

A Happy May Day to all those passing through the harbour.

Taken my first hay-fever tablet, blown my nose a zillion times and sitting listening to Emmylou Harris while contemplating the damp weather.

Looking forward to a great summer, a bad local election for New Labour and some sort of consolidating of ideas in my thirtieth year.

Have a good day y'all...