Expenses Habit

Wiped out with a nasty cold yesterday - all day in bed, head feeling like a football.

Not so much better this morning but at least there'll be a Rockford Files on, please God.

Seriously, if there is an interventionist God I'd like it to make sure there's a Rockford Files or a Columbo on this afternoon. And not the fucking 80's tele-movie Columbo, but the real good 70's ones. (Well, the late 90's ones aren't too bad, but if I've got the attention of some sort of God I reckon I might as well aim high).

You know what though, not one of the really generic Rockford's either - finishes one job, turns down new job, doesn't get paid from old job, doesn't understand why he's beaten up by two henchmen, takes new job because he's got no money and he's 'involved now anyway', unwittingly gets his Dad involved, thinks he's been doubled crossed by girl who approached him in the first place, wittingly gets his dodgy mate involved, realises the girl has been a little untruthful but for the right reasons and anyway she's wearing those tight 70's nylon flares.... er, then eventually he doesn't get paid, not even his bloody expenses.

You know what, I don't mind actually, as long as it's not the Columbo with the crazy Architect guy - it's good but I've seen it a million time recently.

How about the Johnny Cash one?