Pants On Fire


So much to say but so little enthusiasm to write it down.

If the last ten years is what democracy is all about I'm in for a troubled and angry existence.

According to my Death Watch widget I die in 25148 days, on 24th January 2076.

That's in 69 years.

The night this idiot got in the prospect of having 17 general elections ahead of me was very exciting. But it seems a pretty hollow prospect after the last decade.

The news-junkie in me is looking forward to the next few weeks, in fact the next couple of years. But the bigger part of me - you know, the part that makes you cry at the state of the world - isn't having any of it.

In fact, as I recall talking to both my Dad and his Dad about elections and the future and money and hope and dignity and justice and peace it seems we're just destined to go round and round in circles.

And part of me wishes it was New Years Eve 2075 and time for one last quick drink.

Thanks Tony.