The Gods Bullocks

Idea for the revival of the British Barbecue Western:

Shambo Must Die!

A small community of well-meaning idiots band together to protect their precious yet cancer-riddled donkey from a marauding horde of doctors from the future.

When the local sheriff bungles an attempt to oversee the slaughter the townsfolk are joined by nut-jobs the parish over to protect the stupid cow.

Only the arrival of an unelected, mono-syllabic madman, barbecue tongs in hand, stuttering "Shambo must die!" can bring the story to it's inevitable bloody finale.

Possible mini-series spin-off:

We follow the hilarious goings-on at the village of nearby Chokesbury who, when left to their own devices after the entire British Army are re-assigned to kill the foreign-sounding Shambo, slaughter each other over a bottle of Evian in a Tesco's carpark.


Anonymous said...

If you kill Shambhu you will be reincarnated as a Cow affected with BSE.