Smell The Glove


As I write the Labour Party is launching it’s election manifesto.

They’re liars and its lies.

The whole fucking election is a rubbish game. It changes next to nothing, at best pays lip service to a democratic process and yet draws me in like a cheap reality TV show.

Is this what we become?

Most of the red ties that are rabbiting on about ‘freedom’, ‘choice’ and of course ‘immigration’ were once people that vaguely held interesting progressive ideas.

Not Tony. But some of the others fought through a good few left wing battles. Did they change, grow up, get real, progress, come to their senses, sell out, smell the coffee, smell the money, smell the glove or were they always fucking liars? Fucking liars who took a political position because it offered a spring for career progression or fame or conscience rinsing or a quick shufty after a rally or in the Student Union Campaign office or down the Town Hall?

Jeez, I bore myself to death. Is this what I’ve become?

Not even thirty and while the aforementioned fuckers get paid handsomely and sit on the world stage I do next to absolutely nothing about anything. Always talking, never really walking. Liking to think I’ve been hobbled by the cruel world but probably just a lazy fucker. Maybe a relatively intelligent, possibly sometimes amusing if slightly self-obsessed lazy fucker. But a lazy fucker nonetheless.

Better than a lying fucker? I’m not at all sure.