Nice to see someone read my posts yesterday. David Blunkett has been on the Frost programme this morning. Surprise, surprise, he had a few interesting things to say:

1. The 'listen and learn' strategy was about getting closer to the public as they didn't understand the link between government and all the good things it's done. So it's the public listening and learning not Government; you'll do what you like, we'll learn to like it. Lovely.

2. Solving the pensions crisis was about explaining the situation to the public and then they'd understand that the whole thing will have to change. That'll be cutting state pension then, regardless of what we think.

3. Controlled immigration 'for limited periods' could help fill jobs and fund current pensions. Just to clarify: come to Britain, work for cheap, fuck off back home. Super.

4. Any Labour MPs who opposed these plans or the leadership should get out of the Labour party and should have never run in the first place. This goes for the House of Lords also, who should listen to the electorate. Er, most Labour rebels ran on an 'I'm not for Blair' ticket and you should have abolished the Lords in '97 if you don't want them interfering.

5. Listening to the electorate doesn't follow however when it comes to Respect and George Galloway: "The people of Bethnal Green & Bow voted for him and they're welcome to him." Charming.

Fucking offensive, condescending, hypocritical and with the faint stench of post-9/11 racism.

Welcome to Historic Third Term Limited.

There's not a chance in hell these idiots are going to do anything different at all unless we really force them onto the ropes both inside and outside Westminster.