Just A Little Bit

Well, we've learnt so far that the Tories are a mess, Simon Hughes will be waiting stage left for Charlie to 'spend time with his family', the electoral system make no sense (36% of the vote = 60-odd seat majority. Eh?) and Tony is still a twat. And that cheap Cava at 4.30 in the morning is only ok when a Blairite with a 10,000 majority loses their seat to a multi-cultural socialist party that's been around less than 2 years.

Were you still up for Portillo? Forget about it, we were up for Galloway. And fuck postal voting - if every politician spoke with the same conviction, people might get off their backsides and we might have proper elections with turnouts to be proud of. And it wasn't just George:

Salma Yaqoob - 10,498 in Birmingham (27.5% and 2nd place)
Abdul Khaliq Mian - 8,171 in East Ham (20.7% - 2nd)
Lindsey German - 6,039 in West Ham (19.5% - 2nd)
Oliur Rahman got 6,573 in Poplar (17.2% - 3rd)

and a good few more: http://respectcoalition.org/elect/results.php

We'll see what happens now, but East London gives me some hope that we might not spend all our lives with just LAB LIB CON.