Somebody Call Somebody

I was relatively intent on getting off my arse and doing something productive today.

Instead so far I've watched 'One Day In September', a little bit of Quincy, quite a bit of news and eaten some beans on toast.

And I'm now totally bogged down in watching the re-run of the 1987 General Election on BBC Parliament.

Fascinating stuff to watch in real time. A certain Mr Galloway beating Roy Jenkins, Bernie Grant calling the Mayor of Tottenham 'Comrade Mayor', Clement Freud losing his seat, Thatcher having 'Fascist' chanted at her count and Boetang doing his 'Brent East today, Soweto tomorrow!'

Interesting to see the obvious left-wing turncoats and that this was the election that left virtually no Tories in Scotland or the north, but no Labour seats in East Anglia or the South East other than London.

The counts were a damn site more noisy too. And other than Robin Day, the BBC has the same presenters, and almost the exact same way of covering it. Got to be Sky News next time, god help us...

So far today then, that's what I'm doing. And my little PDA means I can tell you about it as I sit here. Which I'm sure you're very pleased about.

And also if anyone asks I can say 'I've been writing'.