Back In (From) The (US)SR

Has a trip across the pond tapped a well of creativity hitherto hidden in mediocrity? How long can I get away with saying "I'm having a bit of a career change" without looking like a prick? Can American television news cover any story without a 'human-interest' angle? Is it ok to be only tanned from the elbow down, on the neck and have a red nose? Is America (or at least the East Coast) 'better' than the UK? Did a rat take a shit in my toilet while I was away?

These questions and more (some you'd never think of, most you'd never ask and all you couldn't care less about) will be answered here soon.



Jasper Goodballoon said...

Two weeks in Uncle Sam's Cabin and all we get is that? Christ compels me to call you a blaggard!

Morrissey's left nipple said...

To answer your questions:

1) I doubt it.
2) It doesn't matter; you lost all credibility long ago son.
5)No, they're both as god-awful as each other.

Welcome back!

Andy said...

Hello Mozza's Left Nipple - you're right on everything else, but did a rat shit in my toilet or not?

Andy said...

Oh, and a fair point from Mr Goodballoon, but I call you a blaggard sir, as I believe The 'Paunch has been silent since last month.