It Only Pours

So the house is sinking, due to a cherry blossom tree and shallow Victorian foundations.

Meanwhile I’m sat here being driven mad by neighbours on all sides having building work done on their properties.

It’s almost enough to make me want to go out.

But then I’d miss gems like yesterday when a correspondent in Jerusalem signed off with “…and so they sit waiting for the rockets to come raining down”. Back in the studio, Jeremy Thompson cleverly linked with “Well, talking of raining down, here’s Francis with the weather”.

Priceless. After a while the whole thing becomes a circus…

So, how can I possibly go out? Today for instance, between live feeds of the heavy weather in Lebanon, Sky is reporting how Northerners are far more likely to die young from alcoholism and an in-depth look at credit-card debt.

And that’s just the kind of escapism I’m looking for.