Shit Misses Fan


An ominous part of this appalling situation is the fact that the Met says that it's 'severely disrupted' rather than 'stopped' something awful taking place.

One way or the other I'll be honest, it puts me on edge. The fallout is going to be considerable and the implications for cultural relations dire.

Simon Hughes has at least been on Sky beginning to question how the Labour Government's un-erring support of the US is making us a target.

But I've already heard 'the enemy within' used twice this morning...

This cannot become the expected pattern of life for generations - we've got to start to understand the way that extremists on both sides are feeding off each other. And that means, at the very least, moving away from the comic-book 'us and them' that seems to becoming Anglo-American foreign policy.

And if, as it's reported, it's true that Blair and Bush have been discussing this for weeks, why did Tony still go on holiday?

And furthermore, in the name of anything that resembles democracy, Parliament needs to be recalled immediately.